Developing new technologies also means make good use of those currently in use, trying to improve their performance while eliminating the problems found over the years.

The combined actions of under pressure and atmospheric decatizer , reach an optimal synergy with WOOL TECH, an extremely versatile decatizer conceived and designed by the technical staff of Red Carpet to treat any type of article and fibre.

The particular configuration of WOOL TECH has been thought to cancel the slightest tension on the treated fabric both, at the entry and at the exit. During the treatment, the fabric is transported between two blankets, thus avoiding tensions and consequent fabric elongation.
All the above makes this decatizer suitable for the treatment of every kind of article, particularly knitted fabrics.

The transportation between two blankets guarantees a perfect treatment homogeneity on both sides thus removing the problem of the appearance diversity between the two sides of the fabric.

WOOL TECH: no limits decatizer …

In case of woven fabric this decatizer can be used for:

Preparation to the KD operation to adjust thickness and “hand” of the treated fabrics thus avoiding the sagging problem;

final decatising after the KD operation to correct the stiff hand typical of the treatment in the autoclave thus obtaining a fabric ennobled and enriched by excellent tailorability characteristics;

In replacement of the KD
for 100% wool fabrics which require light KD treatment. In such cases it will be possible to obtain ennobled fabrics “ready to the needle” with of a shorter production cycle;
for wool blends fabrics and for 100% synthetic fabrics (PES, PES / Viscose, ...), thus eliminating the typical problems of batch processes.

Preparation to dyeing operation.

In case of knitted fabrics with natural and sinthetic fibres this decatizer can be used
In replacement of the KD, thus eliminating the typical problems of batch processes while giving stability, ennobled “handle” and excellent aesthetic characteristics

Reproducibility of results

The electronic system of the machine controlled by PLC , allows the storage of recipes on the Multilanguage “touch screen” control panel.

Remote assistance

A direct line to the Red Carpet service, allows the immediate analysis of the possible problems giving indication of the actions to be taken. In case of minor anomalies the downtime is drastically reduced.

Technical characteristics

Working width 2000 - 2200mm
Mechanical speed MIN - MAX 4 - 40 m/min
Decatizing cylinder diameter 1000 mm
Cooling cylinder diameter 800 mm
Electrical consumption 66 kW/h
Steam consumption 800 kg/h