Power, reliability and versatility become a winning mix in our decatizer with steam under pressure mod. WOOL POWER. After an accurate research , RED CARPET has developed a technologically advanced decatizer, capable to improve what has been so far obtained on similar decatizers, while solving some of the problems noticed in the traditional decatizing process.

The identification and the careful study of those parameters  having a positive influence  on the "hand" of the fabrics, has provided the basis  for the WOOL POWER design.

Application field for WOOL POWER

This decatizer has proved to be extremely effective for woollen and worsted fabrics for both, preparation before the KD operation and for the final finish decatizing.

Main applications are

    Preparation to the KD operation to adjust thickness and “hand” of the treated fabrics thus avoiding the sagging problem;

    Final decatising after the KD operation, to correct the stiff “hand” typical of the treatment in the autoclave thus obtaining a fabric ennobled and enriched by excellent tailorability characteristics;

    In replacement of the KD
    for 100% wool fabrics which require light KD treatment. In such cases it will be possible to obtain ennobled fabrics “ready to the needle” with of a shorter production cycle;
    for wool blends fabrics and for 100% synthetic fabrics (PES, PES / Viscose, ...), thus eliminating the typical problems of batch processes.

    Preparation to dyeing operation

For each fabric, knitted or woven, the most appropriate entry …

Traditional, with a special fabric invitation and opening scray, for woven fabrics

Innovative, with feeding from the top, loading cells, fabric invitation and opening scray, for knitted fabrics. Particular attention was paid to the positioning of the selvedges opening device, to ensure that, once extended, they have no way to roll up again.

“Tailored to the customer” solutions are available, according to the degree of automation desired, for both knitted and woven fabrics.

The exit has been designed with a conveyor belt which transports the fabric without tensions , thus making the decatizer WOOL POWER suitable for the treatment of any kind of fabric, woven, knitted and stretched.

Technical characteristics

Working width 1800 - 2200mm
Mechanical speed MIN - MAX 4 - 40 m/min
Decatizing cylinder diameter 1000 mm
Electrical consumption 24 kW/h
Steam consumption 500 kg/h