Power, reliability and versatility become a winning mix in our WOOL POWER and WOOL TECH, our continuous decatizers with steam under pressure. After an accurate research , RED CARPET has developed two technologically advanced decatizers, capable to improve what has been so far obtained on similar decatizers, while solving some of the problems noticed in the traditional decatizing process.

The identification and the careful study of those parameters  having a positive influence  on the "hand" of the fabrics, has provided the basis  for the WOOL POWER and WOOL TECH design.

Particular attention has been devoted to the design of the fabric treatment tank with the aim of ensuring the presence of a high moisture steam (saturated steam) regardless of the set pressures.

The “hand” of the treated fabrics thus proves to be naturally conditioned.

The perimetral sealing system of new concept together with the extreme rigidity of the steaming tank, ensure the lowest friction with the blanket and the lowest leaks of steam. The Infrared lamps (utility patent pending) allow the removal of the exceeding steam from the fabric while retaining the right degree of humidity. Such a system, being without parts in contact with the blanket, ensures a perfect uniformity of the treated fabrics.
Rigidity of the treatment tank, perimetral sealing system of new concept and steam removal without contact ensure a lower steam consumption and a lower wear of the blanket in comparison to that obtained by similar decatizers.

New aesthetic and stability results are also possible thanks to the option
"extra power" (patent pending) that allows to crush the fabric while it is in the ideal conditions to be crushed (i.e. during the treatment with steam under pressure, when the fabric is still changeable).
Blanket designed and developed in close contact with the supplier to enhance the characteristics of “hand” given to the treated fabrics while ensuring a much longer lifetime if compared to what obtained by similar decatizers.